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David Guillemette

Graphic Artist/Designer

Dave is an artist with an education in graphic design. Prior to 2007 he worked for a Maine company for 17 years as the Senior Art Director of Advertising where he designed and produced all major printed media throughout the company while creating and maintaining company brand standards. He was also part of a creative team that collaborated on communication strategies that included printed media, radio and television. His background additionally includes 5 years working at a print shop where he developed a complete understanding of printing techniques and processes. As an avid mushroom forager and rock hounder with a love for math and science, he brings a unique perspective to every project.

Johnny Mehler

Videography Collaborator

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Johnny Mehler is a videographer and editor working on a wide-array of projects from corporate and commercial production to wedding films. As a FAA-certified drone pilot, Johnny enjoy taking videography to the next level and through the air to capture all the Maine has to offer. 

Benjamin Dudley

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Strategic Partner
Ben has 24 years experience in and around Maine public affairs and government. He is a former state legislator, and served as Chairman and CEO of the Maine Democratic Party in 2006 and 2007.
Elected four times as a state representative from Portland, Ben served on the Insurance and Financial Services (1999-2002), Health and Human Services (2001-2002), and Appropriations and Financial Affairs (2003-2006) Committees. He wrote laws as diverse as requiring health insurers to cover mental health services to Maine’s domestic partner registry. He was a leader in groundbreaking health reform efforts and in crafting Maine’s state and local government spending limit law.
Ben later directed Engage Maine, a coalition of three dozen public policy and civic engagement organizations. While there, he coordinated the activities of groups whose policy interests ranged from health care to women’s equality, social services, civil rights, organized labor, and the environment. He served on the executive committee of the successful 2009 ballot campaign to defeat the regressive Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) and he co-chaired the successful 2011 ballot campaign to restore Election Day voter registration. Starting in 2008, he also publicly led coalition efforts to restore state budget cuts most damaging to Maine’s vulnerable populations under the banner of Maine Can Do Better, a coalition of 150 community organizations. Ben also served on the executive committee of Mainers United for Marriage, the ballot campaign that successfully passed Maine's marriage equality law: the first state in the nation to do so by referendum.
In 2015, Ben served as a public affairs consultant with the new owners of the historic Portland Company property as they won a series of city approvals leading to zone changes on the Portland’s eastern waterfront. This work culminated with project opponents losing the ballot initiative they initiated, a measure that was rejected by a majority of voters in every city precinct.
When not enmeshed in public affairs, Ben is an avid student of viticulture and winemaking.